Exhale by Output

A most excellent modern instrument by Output. Exhale gives you quick and easy access to a huge bank of vocal loops and sliced vocal phrases that are easy to manipulate and great for inspiring new tracks. In addition to the loops and slices is the righteously original sounding Note section, if you are familiar with other Outpur instruments like Signal or Analog Strings, they use the same set up of blending samples to create new sounds.

I feel like the loops and the slices are what really makes Exhale shine. If you’re looking for the modern, effected or pitch shifted sound of EDM and pop today and don’t want to spend hours and money hiring a vocalist, sampling and sound designing, Exhale gives you that sound instantly. What makes these these loops and slices so easy to use and manipulate is you can pitch shift them to the key of your track with 2 clicks, they are tempo locked, and the sounds can drastically be manipulated by their macro knobs.

The beauty in Output’s products across the board is they have all the right sound design variables in the right places. Every producer on the planet can have Exhale and you’re still only a few clicks away from getting a dope new sound nobody else will find.

If you’re interested in Analog Strings, I did a review of it here.