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How To Build A Studio from Nothing to Everything

This article goes from downloading your first DAW all the way to the top gear used by the worlds best pros.

EQ Essentials

In this guide you will learn the different types of EQs, why they are important, and how to use them.

Reverb: The Definitive Guide

Called, "The Best Reverb tutorial on the internet" this comprehensive guide details the different types of reverbs, how to set them up in a mix, and some history behind reverb.

Which DAW should you Use?

An electronic producer uses different tools than a producer recording bands. Find out which DAW is best for your needs.

Mix Routing Guide

Sessions can get out of hand if you don't have a plan in place. This Mix Routing Guide will keep you organized even if you have thousands of tracks.

Mixing Drums to Sound like Phil Collins

This now classic technique for mixing drums with a gated reverb is still ubiquitous in music today. Here we explore how the original sound came to be and reproduce it.


Audio Effects Explained for Beginners

09 December, 2018

This article is an introduction to most of the main effects used in audio production and mixing. The goal here is to give beginners a bird’s…

Keyboard Surgery on A Korg SV-1

30 November, 2018

A little change of pace. This is the plight of how I fixed the broken keys on my Korg SV-1.

Waves Sibilance Review and Demo

24 November, 2018

Free during Black Friday Weekend 2018 at https://www.waves.com/free Sibilance by Waves is literally a DeEsser. Historically DeEssers are…

Controlling Logic X with A Midi Controller

19 November, 2018

Above is a video detailing the way I use my midi controller to control Logic. Below I will explain how I set it up. Note: There are ways to…

Make GIANT Trailer Drums with Sound Toys Little Plate Reverb

14 November, 2018

Turns out that giant drum sound you hear at the start of movie trailers is pretty simple to make. It takes 3 things. A Drum Sample A Quality…

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