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I love hearing about great free resources! If you have a suggestion for the library you can reach out to me on the contact page. I’ll check it out and if it’s a good fit, I’ll put it in ASAP.


The Basics of Music Production - Video and Article - Originals from Music Sequencing including videos/articles like "Audio Effects Explained for Beginners" and "What DAW Should You Use". (Music Sequencing Original)

Free Plugins +

Komplete Start - Multiple - 7 Synthesizers, samples, and more all for free. Incredible. (Native Instruments)

Tokyo Dawn Labs - Multiple - Maybe the highest quality mixing plugins you can get for free. Nova EQ, SlickEQ and the Kotelnikov Compressor. All worth the download. (Tokyo Dawn Labs)

OTT and More - Multiple - The OTT is a multiband compresor used widely by electronic producers. Get it and others. (Xfer Records)

Zebralette and More - Multiple - Scroll down to the bottom of their products page for a list of amazing free synths. (U-he)

Boscomac - Multiple - The most incredible donationware synths and effects. Warning: You need the full version of Reaktor 5 or 6 (which is you have to buy) to use. (Boscomac)

Ableton Live Lite - DAW - Free limited version of Ableton Live. A DAW popular in electronic music and for live performances. (Ableton)

Pro Tools First - DAW - Free limited version of Pro Tools, great for testing out how you might like it. (Avid)

LMMS - DAW - A Free, open-source DAW. (LMMS)

99 Sounds - Samples - They promise "free sound effects and sample libraries of commercial quality, at no charge" and they deliver. (

Samplefino - Samples - Free Drum Samples with Email (Samplefino)

Free Sound - Samples - A ton of free sounds of various quality and license requirements. Still worth knowing about. (

Ozone Imager - Stereo - Great free plugin for spreading sounds across the stereo spectrum. (iZotope)

Softube Saturation Knob - Distortion - Softube is a highly reputable company with highly skilled engineers, this is an amazing free saturation plugin. (Softube)

Temper - Distortion - A very interesting distortion plugin. (Creative Intent)

Youlean Loudness Meter - Meter - Checking the perceived loudness of your music is an important step in today's world of streaming. (Youlean)

Span - Meter - A great spectrum analyzer. Alway mix with your ears, this plugin is still great for checking your work. (Voxengo)

Tan - Compressor - A free VCA-style compressor. (Acustica)

Vinyl - Creative - A lo-fi effect that can add mechanical noise, dust, scratches and create the sound of a record stopping. (iZotope)

Roth-AIR - Creative - A saturation / eq / multiband compressor that boosts high frequency content in a pleasing way. (Daniel Rothmann)

Valhalla Freq Echo - Creative - A quirky echo effect by the legends at Valhalla. (Valhalla)

PanCake2 - Creative - A customizable stereo panner. (Cable Guys)

PitchProof - Creative - A Harmonizer and pitch shifter. (Aegean Music)

Brainworx bx_subfilter - Creative - Neat little filter for processing low frequencies. (Brainworx)


Digital Audio Basics: Sample Rate and Bit Depth - Article - A great explanation of Sample Rates and Bit Depth. Basic information anyone working in digital audio should be know. (Presonus)


Producing by Music Sequencing - Video and Article - Originals from Music Sequencing that will expand your producing knowledge. (Music Sequencing)

Intro to Synthesis - Video - Old video but great info introducing the basics of synthesis, i.e. making sounds with synthesizers. (New York School of Synthesis)

Sound Design Playlist - Video - A collection of videos from around youtube about sound design. (Various)


Recording Videos and Articles by Music Sequencing - Video and Article - Originals from Music Sequencing that will expand your recording knowledge. (Music Sequencing)

The Truth About Recording Levels - Video and Article - Sets the record straight on recording levels in digital audio. (Pro Sound Web)


Mixing by Music Sequencing - Video and Article - Originals on mixing explaining mixing techniques, how to use different effects and more. (Music Sequencing)

Tracks to Practice Mixing - Interactive - Free to download multi-track recordings for you to practice mixing + other resources. (Cambridge Music Technology)

Interactive Frequency Chart - Interactive - A useful reference chart of where many instruments fall on the frequency spectrum. (Independent Recording)

Mix With the Masters - Video - The free videos from a paid site where professional mixing engineers tell you about mixing. (Mix With The Masters)

Gregory Scott: Demolishing the Myths of Compressions - Article - Fantastic article clarifying some common misconceptions about comression. (Attack Magazine)

4 Types of Analog Compression—and Why They Matter in a Digital World - Article - Essential knowledge for anyone using emulations of classic compressors. (iZotope)


Free Guide: Mastering with Ozone - PDF - Great guide for mastering whether you have Ozone or not. (iZotope)

Music Mastering Masterclass with Joe Lambert - Master Class - A great masterclass from a professional mastering engineer. (SonicScoop)

How to Master Your Music in 5 Simple Steps - Video - A good, clear teacher, who will give you the skinny on mastering your own music without baloney. (Into the Mix)

Is Your Track Loud Enough / Loudness Penalty Plugin - Video and Article - Loudness explained well. Meauring your track and getting it to the right loudness for streaming. (White Sea Studio / Ian Shepard)

When In Doubt, Dither - Article - What dither is and why you should do it. (Ian Shepard)

Studio / Gear

The Studio by Music Sequencing - Video and Article - Originals explaining how to build a studio, various studio gear, and custom implementation of music tech.(Music Sequencing)

Gear Reviews from Music Sequencing - Video and Article - A collection of the gear reviews done by Music Sequencing. (Music Sequencing)

Ear Training

Teoria Musical Ear Training - Interactive - Ear training practice for intervals, chords, melodic dictation and more. (

Sound Gym - Interactive - Ear training for mixing engineers with games and stuff. (SoundGym)

Music Theory

A comprehensive guide to basic music theory for EDM producers - Article - A very helpful guide written on Reddit to the basics of music theory. (u/ShitBirdMusic)

The Circle of Fifths - How to Actually Use It - Video - A helpful description of the circle of fifths (Michael New)

Music Business

How to Get All Your Music Royalties: ASCAP, BMI, PRS, SoundExchange, PROs and the Rest - Article - Up to date article on how to collect royalties for your music. (Ari's Take)


Spotify for Artists - Website - The Official Spotify for Artists Site. (Spotify)

Spotify playlists: your secret guide to getting featured - Article - Article detailing strategy to get on playlists. (promoly)